Yoga is whatever you do to join yourself with the infinite, with that part of you which is beyond death, which is eternal. It is accessing the still point and becoming immersed in the present moment.

For some this is singing, others walking in the woods, for some it is a good meal. It’s that feeling of being absolutely content and in love with yourself. It’s that feeling of stepping out of time. It can come from devotion, selfless service, practicing asanas and pranayamas… There are so many ways to become connected with the divine.




Ann currently teaches a drop-in movement based yoga class on Sundays from 10am-11:40am at her home studio in Appleton.

and Community Yoga For Every. Body.

High Mountain Hall in Camden. Sundays 4-5:30pm

She is also available for private instruction at her home studio and within a 30-mile radius. She is additionally available via Skype, Facetime or Zoom for yoga and meditation instruction worldwide.

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“Ann is a skilled instructor with keen powers of observation, the ability to extrapolate from what she sees and use it to tailor a yoga program to perfectly suit the individual.
Her holistic approach to the practice and her knack for making each student feel comfortable create an environment in which it is easy to learn.”
-Carol V.