I am curious about everyday miracles. Is it our perception that shifts or is it the miracle that arises to shift our perception? Either way, keeping a lookout for miracles in everyday life is my favorite practice. Why did that hummingbird just show up and hover in front of me? Look at that heart-shaped cloud! Things like that…IMG_4197

I’m a proud mother to three beautiful boys. I’m also a dancer, healer, animal communicator, alopecian, advocate and supporter to all alopecians, yoga student and teacher and lifelong learner. Our family has created a unique partly solar-powered homestead in Appleton, Maine.

I have been teaching yoga for the past 20 years. My dance and movement background informs every class. Using wisdom shared by Erich Schiffmann, my classes have begun to look like this: Relax, Love More, Be Brave, Repeat.

Together with my partner and our community, I also home educate our three boys. I love to share ideas and problem solve around homeschooling and parenting where I help look for solutions that support the entire family. I am available to guide, advise and answer questions about homeschooling and unschooling.

While sometimes I actually forget about my alopecia, it is a shiny fact! I was a child of 5 when alopecia areata began to show up in my life as tiny round patches of hair loss. I’ve been through all aspects of this complicated auto-immunity challenge and I’m an outspoken advocate and champion for people with hair loss. I recently co-produced a documentary film about my hairloss experience. Mop Cap: An Alopecia Story will be available in 2018.